Responsive Web design Tips

Todays post is totally not a blog ! It is something like a personal note that I find very useful when developing some sites , Well not really, was useful back in the old days when I used to make personal portfolio and stuffs. But the following notes will be useful for those who wants to gets useful tips on web stuffs !


  • Breakpoints – The specific screen widths where a responsive layout “breaks” and needs to change in order to accommodate the screen.

CSS Syntax

  • @media – Media queries use the @media CSS rule to define conditions of the browser medium. In other words, it allows for CSS styling to only be included if certain conditions are met, such as a specific browser width.


  • Cross-Browser – The idea of a website or app working on most popular browsers. Typically during the development of a website, cross-browser testing is conducted to help create a consistent experience regardless of the user’s choice of web browser.


Validation Errors

You may encounter validation errors when using the W3C validators. For example, in this project, the vertical pipes in a Google Font URL might cause an error because they’re not escaped using HTML entities. It’s a good idea to fix as many errors as possible, because more errors can mean increasingly unpredictable cross-browser results.

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