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Introduction to Algorithm: basic search and sort algorithm (with Java)

So what is Algorithm? It’s actually just a set of steps or instructions for completing a task. And to solve the problem with Algorithm, you will need to have an Algorithmic Thinking. It’s just a mindset to analyze a problem and breaking it down into distinct steps that can be solved separately. So let’s get down to the main point! But remember that… Read more →

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Don’t forget the lifecycle of the Android Activity!

I just wanted to jot down a basic memo about Android’s lifecycle. Because I easily forget and that it is one of the crucial concept that you should know as an Android developer. Activity lifecycle If you are an Android developer, you should definitely know that the Android Activity has a “life cycle”, the lifetime of Activity. It is the flow from birth (until… Read more →

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Make basic Android fragments

Flexible UI construction Today, I wanted to show you how to make a simple UI with fragments (in Java)! So when designing applications that support a widescreen area, it is useful to reuse fragments as different layouts that are configured in a form suitable for the user experience based on the available screen space. For example, on a palm-sized device,… Read more →

Using StateMachine with enums in Java

It is a common sense for a developer to be using state-machine for their app, however, I realized that I haven’t been using state-machine for a long time so I thought that I need to implement the State-machine in my app. So I decided to replace an android toggle-button that  switched the view of the fragment with a single click with… Read more →