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How to setup Cakephp3 in a rental server ?

Hi, Michael here! Today I want to help you set up a cakephp3 project in your rental server(In my case I’m using this Japanese rental server called “Lolipop server”). Why not Laravel or some other cutting edge framework? Well, first of all, I love CakePHP and that is the only reason for it! Actually, not. The server that I’m using… Read more →

Testing out Android Jetpack’s WorkManager!

So first time to hear about Work-manager? Ok, so first of all. By using the WorkManager API, you can easily specify deferred tasks, asynchronous tasks, and when to run them. Using these APIs, you can create tasks and pass them to WorkManager immediately or at the right time. Choose the appropriate method to perform the task based on factors such… Read more →

Route to be an Android developer for Noobs

Here is the route that I believe can lead you to be an android developer. As for me, the following steps are the way that I have taken in order to be an android developer. I am currently working on to be a senior android developer. Ok, so, first of all, why Android development? What are the benefits and advantages?… Read more →