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Introduction to Algorithm: basic search and sort algorithm (with Java)

So what is Algorithm? It’s actually just a set of steps or instructions for completing a task. And to solve the problem with Algorithm, you will need to have an Algorithmic Thinking. It’s just a mindset to analyze a problem and breaking it down into distinct steps that can be solved separately. So let’s get down to the main point! But remember that… Read more →

How to deploy your project(React) to GAE(Google App Engine)?

Hi, This this Michael! I usually use XAMPP or old rusty servers to manage my apps and websites but today I wanted to share how I deployed my web app to the GAE for the first time! It felt so great and was a breathtaking experience! So let’s get started! So where should we start… Ok, from GAE. So what the… Read more →

D3.js javascript library

Learning Basic D3 Part 1

So what is D3? Today I want to introduce you to a very useful Javascript library called D3.js (Data-Driven Documents). D3.js is a library for manipulating documents based on data. D3 gives animation and life to the data through HTML/CSS and SVG. For example, D3 can be used to create an HTML table, SVG bar chars, pie charts with beautiful… Read more →

javascript es6

Basics of ES6

Introduction Until recently, front side development was mainly using JQuery, however many developers started to incorporate React (React uses ES6). I summarized the main basic points that have changed compared to ES5 and broken it down into four parts so that you can get a glimpse! Table of contents ■import and export ■Declaration by let, const ■Class syntax ■Arrow function… Read more →

android development

Don’t forget the lifecycle of the Android Activity!

I just wanted to jot down a basic memo about Android’s lifecycle. Because I easily forget and that it is one of the crucial concept that you should know as an Android developer. Activity lifecycle If you are an Android developer, you should definitely know that the Android Activity has a “life cycle”, the lifetime of Activity. It is the flow from birth (until… Read more →

android development

Make basic Android fragments

Flexible UI construction Today, I wanted to show you how to make a simple UI with fragments (in Java)! So when designing applications that support a widescreen area, it is useful to reuse fragments as different layouts that are configured in a form suitable for the user experience based on the available screen space. For example, on a palm-sized device,… Read more →

Developed a Vegan API with Slim Framework

■ SLIM Introduction In the process of examining which module is better for creating API in PHP, I learned the existence of PHP micro-framework “Slim”.Slim is becoming the opted framework for API development and small web apps. Although you can create REST API in other frameworks such as  CakePHP or ZendFramework, you will need time and effort to learn to… Read more →

How to save images using Uploadpack in Cakephp2

Overview Today I want to show you an easy way to handle file uploads in CakePHP. We are going to implement a functionality to upload images to the database using a plugin called “UploadPack”. “UploadPack is a plugin that makes file uploads in CakePHP as easy as possible. It works with almost no configuration, but if you need more flexibility… Read more →

Build simple contact form for WordPress from scratch

Hi! this is Michael, and today I want to show you how to make a plugin “contact form” for the WordPress! But wait…Why would you even want to make your own contact form plugin for WordPress? Well, there multiple reasons for it! Here are some of the reasons I think it’s worth developing your plugins. (1. For your career as… Read more →

How to display custom taxonomy list in wordpress

I had some trouble with showing the list of categories on the main page of this blog. At first, I thought that there are some good plugins that will do all, but I wasn’t able to find a good one. After all, I decided to customize my WordPress blog by implementing the following code and by giving some good flavour… Read more →