Kokowa android game


We had finally released our first mobile game built upon Unity5! A stylish 3D runner game that you can enjoy for hours! You will surely enjoy the beautiful yet twisted world of Kokowa!




Genre: Action / Adventure
Platform: Android 0S 4.4 or higher
Price: Free


You will be taking control of a mysterious figure and will have to guide him through the hordes of enemies by jumping & shooting.


[How to play]
There will be no need to explain since there will be a cool help menu within the game! The controls will be easy as hell!

ゲーム内にクールなヘルプメニューがあるので、説明する必要はありません! コントロールは地獄のように簡単です!

[Latest News!]

We will be releasing Kokowa for iPhone devices in the near future!

 Our app is now available on Google Play.
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