Karate Puzzle

Karate puzzle is an action puzzle game in which blocks are aligned vertically and horizontally. -Rules Align the attack blocks vertically and horizontally to attack the enemy. -About attack blocks The attack power changes with the number which aligned and eliminated. ・ Ordinary attack by aligning and deleting 3 skill blocks ・ If three or more skill blocks are aligned… Read more →

Karate Hustle for Android

A new game for an android phone made for Karate geeks by a Karate geek! A fun runner style game that can keep you addicted for a long time!  Old school style 2D runner game!  You will be running through hordes of enemies and traps and the main purpose of this game is to live as long as possible. Gain a… Read more →

Snake Game Mobile

Have you ever played a snake game in the ’90s? Well, If you haven’t tried it,  then now is the time! Download our Snake game retro for Android devices today!  Read more →